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making the matrix

This LJ is just an electrical impulse interpreted by your brain

A Born Again (And Again) Buddhist
Atheist, Buddhist, liberal, and a rotten capitalist pig. Nothing changed.

Favourite music: I'm slowly evolving from goth-metal in the general direction of Evanescence-like emo-pop, alternative rock and Iron Maiden. I don't know how it happened.

Favourite fiction books:
1. Literally everything by J. R. R. Tolkien
2. 'Hyperion' series by Dan Simmons
3. 'Oath of Empire' series by Thomas Harlan

Other favourite books:
1. "Cybernetyka i charakter" ("Cybernetics and character") by Marian Mazur, PhD.
2. Sutta pitaka, Buddha's speeches written down in the first century BCE

People who influenced me the most (apart from my parents):
1. My definitely ex wife (but I'm recovering from it)
2. Eugeniusz Dadzibug, my former karate kyokushinkai sensei. One year of training at his dojo forged an entirely new person.
3. #anime-pl, as a whole crazy group of teenagers and anime fans who made me go to fandom conventions where I had to learn responsibility, self-sufficiency and danger prediction in order to survive.
4. Tomasz Traczyk, PhD, Mathematics and Information Sciences department, Warsaw University of Technology. His lectures broke my mind into pieces and then were happily jumping on it. Stretched my imagination to absolutely new levels and taught how to handle logic chains tens implications long.
5. Andrzej Bazylko, my former aikido aikikai sensei. The knowledge how to break someone's wrist in twenty ways can be very inspiring and gives a lot of self-confidence.
6. Siddartha Gautama, the coolest prophet ever.
7. Friedrich Nietsche, a very good philosopher for implementing a certain amount of boldness in an introvertic teenanger.

- Aikido, aikikai, Christian Tissier-sensei line : 1 kyu
- Kenjutsu, kashima shin-ryu : as there are no official ranks for students, let's say I'm lower-intermediate ;)
- Karate, kyokushinkai : 8 kyu
- Go, KGS ranking : 7 kyu
- official education: MSc in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence field

- native: Polish
- fluent: English
- basics: French
- started to learn: Spanish, Japanese
- want to learn one day, in order of importance: Vietnamese, Serbo-Croatian, Latin, Maori, Pali, Mandarin

Computer languages:
- advanced: C/C++, Java
- intermediate: Lua
- being able to write simple programs: C#, Python, PHP, Pascal/Delphi, Groovy
- started to learn: Prolog, Perl, Lisp